Stromboli Supermarket


Stromboli is a multideck vertical display suitable for small, medium and large stores all with remote condensing units. The units are multiplexable so it can be ordered in any length in multiples of 1.25m.

The body is insulated using injectable polyurethane and is completely CFC free. The shelves are adjustable and come with price rails.

All units can be further customised with accessories such as LED lighting, shelf fences and there is also a full stainless steel option if you prefer.

Standard set up.

  • For remote condensing unit only
  • Auto rolling night blind
  • Electronic control panel
  • Timed defrost for Fruit and Vegetables (FV) and Dairy (SL) versions
  • Electronic defrost for Meat (C) version
  • Automatic light timer switch
  • Upper internal lighting
  • TX valves for Refrigerant R404A
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Additional Information

Dimensions 90 x 125 x 200 cm





3 – 5C