•  Condensate Pump

About This Project


The Walker Celano Condensate Pump is manufactured in our factory in Melbourne, Australia from the highest quality materials and parts that have been sourced from local suppliers.


Incorporating a rotary diaphragm pump within a 304-grade stainless steel tray which we make onsite in our facility in Preston. Eliminating the possibility of a malfunctioning float switch, our electronic sensor quickly and efficiently removes all the condensate from the tray, reducing the conditions that cause organic growth to build up and block drains.


It can remove up to 50 litres of water per hour at a maximum working head of 20 meters. The Walker Celano  condensate pump is able to dry run and self prime. The presence of condensate trips the hi/low level sensor to switch the pump on and off, ensuring the pump is running only when condensation is present.