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Designed to Keep Your Wine in Impeccable Condition

Wine Fridge

Having the right wine fridge is essential for both businesses and at-home wine collectors who wish to keep their wine in a beautiful condition, ready to be served to guests or customers. Walker Celano are the industry leaders for both mini and large wine fridges in Australia, with the skills and expertise to provide you with the exact wine fridge you need to meet your requirements.

Wine Fridge for Sale Melbourne

Business-owners and wine collectors throughout Australia can browse our vast range of wine fridges online to find the one best suited for their needs. Various capacities are available, spanning from 46 bottles to 220 bottles, meaning every customer’s needs can be met precisely. Our dual-zone wine cabinets allow you to store both red and white wines at their required temperatures, while our under-counter wine coolers allow you to properly store your wine even in a small space. Additionally, all our wine fridges for sale in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond are designed to withstand vibrations, keeping your wine bottles safe from damage.

Large Or Mini Wine Fridge Online Australia

Walker Celano provide both small and large wine fridges Australia-wide, allowing you to keep your required wines on-hand at all times. A mini wine fridge is ideal for home use or for a small business, with our under-counter mini fridges being particularly suitable for businesses that lack space for a dedicated wine storage area.

Walker Celano also provide large wine fridges Australia-wide, which are ideal for use in specialised wine cellars or if you have large capacity requirements, such as at a bar. Whether you need a dual-zone cabinet or a freestanding wine cooler, Melbourne locals can easily visit our store, and those from outside the city can order online.