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Smart Wine Storage for Small Spaces

Under Counter Wine Fridge

Wine fridges are essential for preserving the taste and quality of your wine, particularly so when you are an at-home wine collector who wants to care for your collection in a limited space. If this is the case for you, invest in a small under counter wine fridge from Walker Celano which can be discreetly stored wherever you require.

Our team can suggest the wine cabinet that is best suited to your space, whether that’s a mini fridge or an under-counter cabinet. Our vast range of mini wine cooler fridges and small wine chiller cabinets allow you to cleverly integrate the storage you need into your existing space, without having to compromise on the quality of your wine.

Whether you need an under bench wine fridge in Melbourne or a compact wine cooler in Sydney, Walker Celano can assist Australia-wide. With various capacities available, from 46 bottles to 220 bottles, your business’s every requirement can be met by Walker Celano.

Best Small Under Counter Wine Fridge Melbourne

Walker Celano’s range of premium under counter wine fridges in Melbourne allow wine lovers to cleverly utilise their space to store wines at optimal conditions. All our small wine fridges are designed to withstand vibrations, with some having separate compartments for red and white wines to store them at the exact temperature they require.

Whether you would like a small under counter wine fridge for your own personal wine collection at home or need a secure way to store wine at your small restaurant, Walker Celano will be able to assist you in choosing the right compact wine fridge for your needs.