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Curate Your Collection with Our Dual Zone Fridges

Dual Zone Wine Fridge

For business-owners or wine collectors who want it all, dual zone wine fridges are the perfect investment to make. With built-in and standalone models available in various sizes, Walker Celano are the leading suppliers of dual zone wine fridges throughout Australia.

Dual zone wine fridges are ideal for those who want to get the most bang for their buck and utilise their space cleverly. With two separate compartments for red and white wines respectively, you can ensure your variety of wines are properly stored at a steady temperature, the ideal humidity and with low vibration, ensuring your wine can be safely aged to perfection.

Several of our dual zone wine refrigerators feature glass doors, which are ideal for visibility and easy access. A beautifully-crafted wine fridge with glass doors also allows you to proudly display your collection, with the fridge itself being a great conversation starter or centrepiece in your home, restaurant or shop.

Protect your wine from temperature fluctuations and exposure to light by investing in a brilliantly-designed dual zone wine fridge from Walker Celano. All models feature anti-vibration condensing units, with features such as UV-resistant double-glazed doors and LED lighting also being available.

If you have been looking to purchase a dual zone wine fridge in Melbourne, Sydney or other major areas throughout Australia, look no further than Walker Celano, the refrigeration experts.

Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge Melbourne, Australia

Many business-owners or wine connoisseurs love the idea of having specialised wine storage but find that they do not have the space for a wine cabinet or fridge. If this is the case for you, consider our single or dual zone under counter wine fridges. Designed to be slotted under benches or built into existing elements of your property, dual zone under counter wine fridges allow you to properly store your wine in a space-efficient way.